On-Campus Services

Aboriginal Student Services

So you’ve explored your options related to funding, and narrowed down your list of programs and institutions. Now what? This is a great time to make contact with Aboriginal student services at the school you are most interested in. All public post-secondary institutions have Aboriginal student service offices. The Ministry of Advanced Education website has a list of links to the public post-secondary institutions’ Aboriginal student services websites.

Aboriginal student services offices can help you navigate post-secondary. Before you apply to a particular school, contact the school’s Aboriginal support staff to learn what supports are offered.

Here is a list of questions to ask support staff at the institution

  • What support services do you have for Aboriginal students?
  • Is there an Aboriginal student union or other student advocacy group available on campus?
  • Is there a meeting place for Aboriginal students?
  • Is there an organization on campus that offers information on housing, transportation, child care, financial assistance or social services?
  • Are there computer labs available for Aboriginal student use?
  • What extra-curricular activities are available?
  • Is there an elementary school or secondary school nearby?
  • Do you have an Aboriginal admissions policy? If so, please explain how it works.
  • Are the courses I plan to take accredited? Is the program I’m planning to take recognized by other post-secondary institutions?
  • Will my courses transfer to other post-secondary institutions?
  • How many Aboriginal students are currently enrolled at your institution?
  • What types of student housing does your institution offer? Do you have dedicated student housing for Aboriginal students?
  • What type of financial assistance can I apply for through your institution and how do I find out more information? Are there any financial assistance options specifically for Aboriginal students?
  • Can you give me additional names and contact information of people at your institution who can assist me in applying to your institution or who I can contact for more information?

The Aboriginal student services office can help you decide which post-secondary institution is right for you

They can give you a good idea of the kind of support that you are likely to receive if you choose their institution, so take the time to make the connection by phone and email!

Consider their answers to these questions carefully – the institution that you choose will be your new home for a long time.

Take notes! You’re going to want to keep a list of these contacts and the other contacts that they might provide you with – these people may be VERY helpful through the application and registration steps.