Whether you attend a college, university, or institute, it is likely that housing will be a major decision for you. Take some time to consider whether you wish to live in residence (on campus) or off campus. Check out transit routes to your school, and find a neighbourhood that suits your personality, and your budget. If you are considering living off-campus, some factors to consider are listed here.

Your First Stop

Your first stop should be your post-secondary institution. Many institutions’ websites offer information about housing that is available off-campus, in addition to housing available on campus. Some schools, like the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, have priority access to housing for Aboriginal students. For more information, contact the institution directly.

The BC Government has an Off-Reserve Aboriginal Housing Resource Tool that provides consistent, standardized information about off-reserve Aboriginal housing in British Columbia. Through the site, you can access information about housing providers, programs, and services across the province. This is particularly useful if you qualify for subsidized housing.

If you run into issues finding or keeping affordable housing, the BC Government has recently launched the Homeless Prevention Program, which may provide people in identified at-risk groups facing homelessness with portable rent supplements to help them access rental housing in the private market.

Living Off Campus

Are you considering living off campus? The following page will provide you with some useful tips and important factors to consider if you choose to go this route.