Scholarships / Bursaries

Credit: Learning on the land with Elder John Elliot (Tsartlip), Camosun College
Scholarships and bursaries are an important way to help fund your education. Did you know that every year, thousands of dollars in scholarship and bursary funding isn’t distributed, due to a lack of applications?
Apply for everything you qualify for. If you haven’t already done so, contact the financial aid office at your post-secondary institution to learn more about institution-specific scholarships and bursaries.

Major Awards for BC First Nations Students

New Relationship Trust Scholarships and Bursaries provide awards for BC First Nations Students from the diploma to the doctoral level of studies.
Irving K. Barber Aboriginal Awards are open to all Aboriginal students. Award amounts range from $1000 to $5000.
Dr. Jacob McKay Awards are $1000 awards offered on an annual basis to Aboriginal students who are current or former students of IAHLA institutes.
Indspire Bursaries and Scholarships are available for Aboriginal students across Canada. There are awards for all areas of study, from trades to health careers.
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada has as Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool. You can search for bursaries by keyword, location, program of study, or Aboriginal group.

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